Fixate IO’s content creators are practitioners actively working as software and DevOps engineers, IT security specialists, and data scientists. We provide a version of “influencer marketing” through technical content that attracts the interest and holds the attention of a specialized audience.

Story of Fixate

Our network of freelance writers represents your specialized audience: computer programmers, site reliability engineers, and security analysts. You can leverage the power of peer-to-peer conversation with technical content written for the market you need to reach.

Fixate IO’s History

The concept of practitioner content marketing has been Fixate IO’s focus since our beginnings in 2014. Fixate’s original founder, Chris Riley, recognized the unmet need for written content that engineers and other DevOps professionals could use and appreciate. This particular audience as a market segment – while consumers in many respects – is uniquely resistant to traditional marketing techniques.

Fixate IO saw the opportunity to connect the need for technical information with the innovators of technology. We did this by amassing a network of content creators who deeply relate to this need and also have extensive experience with the technology that’s available.

While building a network of talented practitioners, Fixate IO developed well-defined processes for nurturing that network, while also managing its output. We designed these processes to:

  • support a culture of accountability and quality
  • ensure dependable service, while being flexible and accommodating
  • address challenges related to resources and schedules
  • treat all working relationships with respect and professionalism
  • recognize and reward the efforts that advance the technology industry.

Who We Are

From our co-founders, Chris Riley and Pat O’Fallon, to our lead writers, Fixate’s practitioner network is constantly growing. A common factor among Fixate IO’s leadership is their experience in Developer Relations (DevRel). Their involvement amid the confluence of marketing, engineering and product teams completely characterizes Fixate IO.

Fixate IO’s mainstay of contributors are the nucleus of our broad network of technical writers. They build relationships while developing their careers. Their own professional connections often enhance Fixate’s standing in the technology industry.

A team of communications and marketing professionals supports the content creation efforts of those practitioners.

Technical writing talent is continually nurtured through Fixate IO’s companion site, Sweetcode. This is a place where DevOps students and practitioners have the opportunity to build their technical writing skills while also building their résumés.