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Practitioner Marketing Content Context Is Everything

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September 13, 2018


Content context is everything.

Content context is everything.

Content context is everything.

The above phrase is not a tongue twister (though it is fun to try to say it fast). Nor is it a meditation mantra. It’s a truth that is particularly true when you market to developers.

Lisa Sidlow, VP of Sales for Developer Media, rightly pointed out in her recent article that developer-to-developer (D2D) communities lend credibility to advertising. This is just as true for content. For even more developer credibility, not only should your content appear in D2D communities, but it should also be written by developer practitioners for the developer community.

What’s true for advertising is true for content

All the advertising brownie points (credibility, brand awareness, engagement, and relationship points for supporting the developer community) are the same reasons that practitioner content that shows up in D2D practitioner communities is so powerful. The content context is as important as the quality and relevance of the content itself.


Your content was written by a practitioner—Hurray! And some of it is hosted on your blog—FABULOUS!! But what about the people who are just looking for a little peer support? How do you reach those developers? The one-two punch of advertising your quality, practitioner-written content increases the credibility of your product and perspective. In the “Meet the Developer” series of interviews, developers actually say that they are more likely to click on something that they know supports their D2D community.

Brand awareness

No one can weigh in on the credibility of your product if they don’t know who you are. Measurements like share of conversation can help you track whether your brand is even recognized as participating in the relevant conversation topics in your industry. What goes into these calculations? Your content appearing and shared in D2D forums like blogs, D2D websites, and other places where developers find their tribe.


People love to interact with people. Developers are no different. They’re particularly interested if other developers are talking about a technically knotty problem or solution. Skeptics question, and they aren’t afraid to question each other. Your practitioner-written, code-level content has a much better chance of getting someone’s interest and response (including comments and shares) if it comes to the attention of developers in their playground—usually a D2D community, newsletter, or blog site they respect.    


“You love me. You really love me!” is what a developer will say when they see your brand supporting their community by delivering code-level content. When content is written by a practitioner instead of a copywriter, you get contributor kudos (even if you didn’t write the content yourself). You don’t have to believe me—Developer Allen O’Neill will recommend a product based on his respect for high-quality content that shows up in his developer community.

The takeaway

It’s like the old real estate adage—Location, location, location. If you’ve gone to the trouble to get quality practitioner content, you should make sure that it’s placed where practitioners live. What’s true for advertising is true for content. Context is everything. Make sure it gets served up to developers in their D2D forums, sites, blogs, and newsletters. They’ll appreciate it, and you will build an audience that wants to become your customer.