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Developer Relations Introduction to Developers Eating The World

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Chris Riley

May 21, 2019

Marc Andreessen’s 2011 quote “software is eating the world” has to be one of the most stable and actively used quotes in the software development space. It might be stating the obvious, but software is absolutely the substrate that all current and future businesses will be built on. And if developers are the ones building the applications, they are eating the world as well.

What better way to dig into the software development lifestyle than to sit down with developers and engineers over some food and chat? That is why I launched the Developers Eating the World Podcast.

I may have borrowed the format from Jerry Seinfeld, but I’ve found that the best conversations I’ve had or heard are casual, real, and fun. There’s no pretending to be a newscaster, or reading prepared lists of questions. If it’s not fun and interesting, it’s not worth doing. And in the tech field, as we already know, with technical content, being genuine is critical. My goal with the podcast is to get real about what the world of software development is like. Dig into the tech, the personalities, and career development.

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