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Content Marketing Fixate’s Process

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Debi Davis

July 23, 2022

Fixate’s mission is to provide technical content to the technology industry. Our client contacts within the industry are typically Product Marketing Managers (PMMs) and content strategists. Fixate’s process – part of our value proposition – supports our clients’ product marketing strategies. 

The process (and system of underlying processes) at the core of Fixate’s operations has been evolving for years. Today, it resembles a well-oiled machine. In fact, the very design of our process addresses pain points most of our clients face when it comes to content creation.  

Processes Are Solutions

Good processes are the ones that solve big problems. The best processes, of course, are the ones that solve a lot of big problems. Fixate’s process addresses the complexity and variables encountered in marketing technology. Then, with such a process comes consistency.

Complex / technical topicsNetwork of experts
Niche audiencePeer-to-peer perspective
Deadlines and time constraintsSchedules and accountability

Technology Practitioners Who Can Write

What sets Fixate apart from other content marketing agencies? Our writers are, first and foremost, practitioners within the technology industry. Fixate attracts some of the best in the business. We also have a streamlined process for attracting, vetting, and onboarding freelance writers, and orienting them to our collaborative culture. In addition, as a practitioner-run agency, we place a high priority on developer relations.

Our writers don’t only write. They also peer review each other’s drafts and scrutinize drafts for technical accuracy and relevance. And all of that happens before the drafts reach the copy editor – because Even Professional Authors Get Help Writing. Throughout this process, Fixate uses systems to coordinate communication and the exchange of ideas that ultimately benefit our clients. 

In addition, our systems also accommodate input and feedback from our clients. This is critical to ensuring that we acknowledge and meet our clients’ expectations. This full-circle collaboration serves many purposes, not the least of which is the enrichment of our practitioner network’s knowledge base. 

Fixate attributes its success to the quality of written content created by our practitioner network. We also attribute the quality of our network to the growth our writers experience as part of our process.

The Power of Peer-to-Peer Conversation

Product marketers in the technology industry are faced with the challenge of reaching a niche audience. The techies who are most likely to be interested in technological innovations have very little appetite for marketing messages. But, those same techies ARE interested in hearing what other techies are talking about (or, blogging about). 

While blog posts about technology don’t constitute conversation per se, they certainly can be the topic of conversation. One could conclude, then, that content written by peers will be viewed favorably by peers. More favorably than, say, content written by marketing professionals.

For this reason, content written by Fixate’s practitioner network resonates with the niche audiences that our clients want to reach.  

Time Is of the Essence

Whether you view time as a resource or as a pressure, it often comes up in our conversations with clients around pain points. Time, as a resource, is usually in high demand and short supply. Time, as a pressure, on the other hand, can be associated with the risk of missing out on first-to-market goals and losing first place to a competitor. Or, from an internal perspective, conflicting priorities within the operations could be creating time pressures.

“We have the in-house expertise. We just don’t have the bandwidth!”

— almost every one of our clients and prospects

Fixate can’t make more time (but really, who can?). But, our process does make the most of time. Indeed, we factor efficiency into every step of our process, from curating topics to creating content

Our systems for communicating and collaborating are built with the intention of maintaining a pace that is set to meet specific deadlines. We monitor those deadlines from the moment we make a client commitment to the moment we get final approval on our deliverables. 

Our Process Is Our Value Proposition

We’ve already said it, but it’s worth repeating. Fixate strives to match if not surpass our competition at every turn – from our practitioner network’s breadth and depth of technical expertise, to the responsiveness and consistency of our client relations team, to the deep industry roots of our founders. 

Fixate’s process is internally intricate and intentional. Completely orchestrated, the clicking and humming of our process serves as a salve to those pain points so often felt when creating technology marketing content. To learn more about leveraging our process for your organization, you can contact us here.