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Killing it with Quuu

June 20, 2017 - influencer management, Influencer marketing, Marketing - ,
By: Alexa Nenni

Using Quuu to Promote Content

Your social presence is important. You already know that. These days, the number of tools available to support it is tremendous. Quuu may be just another tool, but for us, it has proven to be uniquely valuable to our business.

Quuu is an easy and simple automation tool that helps your company promote your content. It is a two-sided network. On one side, people are submitting content, and on the other, people are sharing that content. For the content contributors, the benefit is more views. For the sharers, the benefit is more engagement with their network, and more followers. What makes Quuu unique is that all the content is categorized and curated. So the consumers of the content have confidence that it’s relevant to them, and something worth sharing.

While Fixate uses Quuu as a content curator and sharer, it’s the content sharing aspect that has benefited us the most. Quuu has helped Fixate’s commercial blog and media site organic views grow substantially. In the last two months, 35% of the new users on Fixate’s blog are from Quuu.

How we use it

Quuu has over 300 categories to choose from, and does everything for you. Quuu hand-reviews each piece of content to make sure that it’s useful, interesting content, and that you are picking the best category for the piece. If they don’t believe that the article you’ve chosen to promote meets these requirements, they will reject the post and email you with suggestions on how to make the post stronger.

At Fixate, we use Quuu for both our blog site and media site, Sweetcode.io. We have promoted 16 different posts and used six different categories. We’ve posted in Tech, Startups, Marketing, Web Development, Influencer Marketing, and Coding. On a regular basis we look at our recent articles, and gauge them for submission to Quuu. We pick articles that meet these criteria:


  1. A lifespan of more than three months. Because Quuu staggers the submissions, you want to make sure the post does not have a short life. For example, we would not submit something from recent news.
  2. The content is useful. We focus on content that imparts value and is not just opinion.
  3. The content is not a pitch. We do not submit any content that would come over as a vendor pitch.
  4. The content fits into a Quuu category. The self-selecting audience needs to actually benefit from the content.
  5. The article is good. Of course, “good” can mean a lot of things. Because Fixate is in the business of creating content, we have a sense of what high-performing content looks like, and the best practices for producing, structuring, and publishing it. The articles we submit to Quuu follow each of those best practices.


What works?

The posts that are more general and explain the details of how to accomplish tasks seem to do the best in the marketing categories. One of our posts, Creating an Influencer Marketing Content Distribution Strategy, received 627 shares and 957 clicks.

We’ve had the best success in all marketing-related categories ( Figure 1).


Figure 1. Post Performance by Category



Our Quuu experience

Quuu is not only easy to use, it also has great customer service. Quuu rewards content that hits its milestones with free credits. Quuu offers 25 badges/goals to achieve (Figure 2). The more you achieve, the more free credits you get. The free credits do not expire.


Figure 2. Quuu Badges and Goals

Quuu Badges


Over the past year, we have also learned that it is possible to be blocked from using Quuu’s services. As mentioned before, Quuu personally reviews every piece of content. By accident, we submitted the same post multiple times with broken links, so Quuu assumed we were spam and blocked our account, so we were not able to log in again and had to create a new account. (This shows that Quuu really pays attention to the content you are submitting.)

Sometimes we have come across people sharing content with others who don’t necessarily fit our target audience. We have had a few instances where the person who picks up the article definitely does not fit the category. But that is okay because it’s rare. (Also, it’s not our responsibility if users don’t grab the right Quuu category to share.)


In summary, Quuu is a useful automation tool that helps promote company content. Quuu is a two-sided network—On one side, people are submitting content, and on the other, people are sharing that content. At Fixate, we choose to use Quuu for both our blog site and media site, Sweetcode.io. With Quuu, we have promoted 16 different posts, using six different categories. And thanks to Quuu, organic views for Fixate’s commercial blog and Sweetcode.io have grown substantially.


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