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Practitioner Marketing Meet the Practitioner: Bruno “The Enthusiast” Edoh

Have you ever read a technical blog post and wondered how a developer made their way into writing? Are you curious about the backgrounds, inspiration and motivations of practitioners churning out blogs?

For us, it’s simple. We know by experience that our practitioners come from diverse backgrounds. Not every developer wants to write about their work (unless it is code in GitHub). There’s certainly a fear that comes with putting one’s voice out into the world. The ones who do, intrigue us. They define our concept of practitioner marketing. So we want to share our practitioners’ stories.

With that, I’d like to introduce you to Bruno Edoh — student, developer, writer, and a young man with a passion for code that was ignited in the 5th grade.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Bruno Edoh, and I’m currently a senior and computer science major at Ashesi University, a small liberal arts college in Ghana.

I still haven’t decided on where to specialize, but I usually find myself playing around with algorithms and system architecture. I recently developed some interest in JavaScript and have been working with React and Electron frameworks — however, Java is my primary language.

What motivated you to become a developer?

After using the Internet for the first time in fifth grade, I was dazzled by the “newfound” technology. I saw great potential in the problems computers could solve. (Of course, not as huge as today.) Since then, I’ve always wanted to become a top software engineer. And all my choices have been aligned with that path.

So, what motivated you to start writing about developing?

I simply can’t keep my mouth shut about anything I learn. I’m always on the lookout for new tools and ideas. I’m usually the one telling my friends: “Use this framework — It makes your work simpler,” and “Check out this language — It supports X or Y better.”

Do they listen? Are you persuasive?

Yeah, surprisingly they do [listen]. I give 1,000 reasons, so it seems like they have no choice.

How did you find out about Fixate?

My school’s job board (College Network). At the time, I was searching for a remote job.

You’ve already answered this a bit, but maybe you can tell me a little more about why you write for Fixate.

I started with Sweetcode. I just completed my third Fixate article. Chris Tozzi [Fixate’s senior editor]  approached me with two Google topics on Android Vitals and Android App Bundle first. I decided to write those since I have experience with Android and wanted my voice heard in the Android space.

Can you point to something meaningful that has happened for you personally or professionally as a result of writing for Fixate?

I’ve worked with many technologies and have improved as a programmer. My most recent work is on serverless, and it turns out knowing serverless is going to help me in my final year capstone project in school. I’m working on a trustless transcript verification system.

What interests you in a client project?

I always look for pieces on technology that I have experience with — and that involve tinkering with something new.

How do you stay current yourself in terms of your profession? Anything beyond what you are learning in school?

I’m always on Hacker News. Challenges help me learn something new. For instance, I’m taking the #100DaysOfCode challenge to learn a framework.

That’s cool. Why do challenges motivate you?

I think as a developer, it’s a way to deal with failure and general fear. In the end you realize that what you think is difficult or impossible is actually possible and fun — Plus you learn to manage your time. It’s sometimes difficult to make time to learn new things.

Interesting. It sounds like gamification and accountability seem to make the challenge something attainable. Great advice.


So, what new technology are you most interested in/learning about and why?

Currently, React and Electron. I like Electron because it’s great for building desktop apps. I previously used JavaFX for desktop, but I find Electron to be unmatched. With React, I want to create a UI with ease and find out why it’s so popular.

What have you written for Sweetcode or Fixate that you are most proud of and why?

The Android Vitals piece.  Android Vitals is a great addition to the Play Store, and many developers are going to find it exceptionally helpful. I know my article on the topic will come in handy.

I have one more question — What is the story behind your Slack handle, “thebashshell”?

When I  switched to Linux after using Windows and Mac (for a short period), I found the terminal extremely helpful. Actually, I’m not supposed to add shell to the name since BASH is Bourne Again Shell. But I think it makes the name nicer.

The takeaway

Getting to talk with our practitioners is always a pleasure. With Bruno, I discovered a young developer who has a thirst for knowledge and a zeal for sharing that knowledge. He has focused his enthusiasm to help educate others through his writing, and he also has inspired his peers to write about developing. Thank you, Bruno!!!