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What Readers Want—Fixate’s Top 10 Blog Posts from 2017

January 9, 2018 - Content Marketing, Marketing, Practitioner Marketing - , , , , , ,
By: Yolanda Fintschenko

Our top 10 blog posts from 2017 indicate that product managers and marketers in the tech and sciences spaces are looking towards case studies that point to increasing share of voice, calculating share of voice, content marketing strategy, influencer marketing, practitioner marketing, and managing the content generation process for influencers and practitioners.

Without a doubt, “How Kubernetes Stole Docker Swarm’s Share of Voice” was our most popular blog post in 2017. Readers are interested in how to punch above their weight, and the story of how Kubernetes claimed an outsized share of voice compared to Docker in the open source container orchestration engines conversation is a study in how creating the right image in an ecosystem can displace an entrenched product, company, and voice.

Speaking of share of voice, it’s not surprising that so many of our readers want to learn “How to Calculate Share of Voice.” Many marketers and PR agencies use SOV as a metric to measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing or practitioner marketing campaigns. Defining what you are measuring and how you are measuring it are of tantamount importance if both make up a KPI indicative of a campaign’s success. Tactics are important here, and much of our audience has been drawn to look behind the curtain and see “How to Use Meltwater to Calculate Share of Voice.

Unsurprisingly for our market, which includes tech and biotech, many readers are interested in “Marketing for Technical Startups.” And why not? While the environment is dynamic and exhilarating, marketers in the startup world find the vagaries of the CEO and board are as challenging to manage as those of the market. Last year, author Chris Riley invoked the little-known corollary to “80% of success is showing up”—Chiefly, “80% of success is finishing what you started.” With tips on how to manage the conflicting demands of boss and market, our readers have learned how to carry campaigns to successful fruition.

In a related area, marketers and salespeople alike are drawn to demythologizing “Selling to Scientists and Engineers.” It turns out the answer to this is three-fold—emotion, emotion, emotion. The trick? Technical topics are emotional to this crowd—hence the value of practitioner marketing when selling into these technical, skeptical markets.

Many of our visitors seem to see value in “Creating an Influencer Marketing Content Distribution Strategy,” and the ensuing practical aspects it engenders. Remembering that influencers and practitioners sit outside a company, our readers have looked for practical resources about “How to Motivate Influencer Practitioners” and “How to Use Google Docs to Manage Influencer-Generated Content.

Marketers working with influencers and practitioners recognize that their content creation strategy has to keep two personas in mind—the influencers or practitioners they are trying to attract to create persuasive content, and the persona of the customer for whom they are creating content. Resolving this “Multiple Persona Disorder” and the implications of an influencer or practitioner recruiting strategy is an important element of successfully delivering content generated by influencers and practitioners sitting outside of an organization.

Finally, looking into one more topic, marketing is the new PR—and there are times when a PR agency is the best tool to achieve a company’s objective. In this case, readers found tips on “How to Pick a PR Agency for Your Tech Startup” invaluable.

The takeaway

The Kubernetes share of voice case study definitely took the top position by a factor of two. Imitation is not only a compliment, it is the easiest path. However, marketers for tech and biotech clearly value the roles of strategy and tactics as they craft their content marketing campaigns. Using metrics like share of voice that have more to do with assessing the dominance of a brand or company in the customer conversation is clearly a huge interest. Looking to 2018, we expect to see more interest in understanding how to leverage and measure the effectiveness of content created outside of our customers’ companies.

Yolanda is a scientist, writer, marketer, coach and avid runner who lives and works in Livermore, CA.  She founded Common SciSense, a marketing company for technical products, and co-founded founderTRACTION, lean marketing services for startups. 

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