security operations market

SecOps and DevSecOps is an unusual market featuring nimble responses to new threats conceived by creative and cautious minds. The shift to cloud, hybrid cloud, and devops creates many security challenges to the continuous delivery mindset, offering a market rich with problems and products. Our practitioner created content raises your company above the fray by speaking with technical and operations authority to a conservative and skeptical market.


  • Product Testing
  • Refine Messaging
  • Practitioner Priming
  • Improve Content
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  • User Created Documentation
  • Documentation Update Services
  • Use Case Strategy
  • Preempt Complaints
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why us?

Content marketing for tech requires technical knowledge that most product marketing departments do not have. By working with Fixate, you gain access to peer-reviewed tech practitioner-authored content and unattributed assets created by our practitioner community for your product or brand.


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