Fixate IO creates content at a higher volume and better quality than our competitors from a vetted cadre of influencers managed by Fixate’s unique influencer content platform, Re:EACH.
our unique advantage

Practitioner Content Marketing

Our content offering is practitioner authored and attributed blogs about your product. Your company’s message is differentiated from your competitors by the persuasive power of the practitioner’s reputation and their independence from your company.

What is practitioner content marketing?

Content marketing is a practice within the broader field of marketing. Its purpose is to create and publish compelling content to attract, explain, and justify concepts and products. The reasons companies do it is for leads, brand awareness, but also build a relationship with the market by participating in industry level conversations. This is called share of voice. Tech companies find that with content marketing alone, they are unable to float above the sea of chatter that consumers face on a daily basis. Practitioner marketing is content marketing produced by industry practitioners, developers, just like your customers. Because they are technical, because they aren't from your company, their content is more persuasive than that generated in-house.

Practitioner marketing differentiates your company’s message and gives you greater share of voice.

A practitioner is someone who does not sell a product, who has or is an expert in specific industry applications, and can be technical enough to establish credibility among their peers. They are people who want to share what they know with their peers and are perceived as technical leaders within a community. Fixate offers your company an unfair advantage by giving you access to a cadre of practitioners to execute your content strategy by producing content that has greater depth and persuasive value to your audience and increases the volume of your content at no additional burden to you.

Problem: Content that requires expertise is hard to produce.

Motivating, and managing expert authors requires its own level of expertise of the specified industry, and the ability to garner respect and communicate with the authors. This takes a lot of time, and hard to accomplish for content marketing professionals within their already busy schedules, and the conflicting demands to support sales teams with enablement tools.

re:each Platform

re:each, the Fixate content engine and platform is the best way to produce content from the team of Fixate influencers. It takes content from topic suggestions based on industry knowledge, to review by peers to validate interest, and finally delivered content which is fully edited and optimized. Fixate’s key value is a large and deeply technical network of influencers, the depth and quality of the content delivered, and a content marketing automation platform.
influencer content

Acquire blog posts written by influencers with attribution to leverage their reputation on behalf of your company.

product testing

Influencer product testing gives you insight to refine your messaging and improve your content. Additionally, this primes influencers who can later be used to generate influencer content or assets for your product.

asset creation

Utilize our influencer’s product expertise to create targeted marketing assets such as white papers, eBooks, case studies, that is author unattributed.


No matter how sound your product is functionally, if your documentation is not on par your user base will let you know. Use our network of experts to meet this demand without burdening your developers.