influencer product testing

Improve your product launch by using our influencers to test your product before it goes live. Get feedback and create early adopters.

Influencer product testing improves your launch

In the modern user eco-system applications have a limited amount of time to show value to potential users, and establish stickiness with existing ones. Testing of the application by real users before or after launch is a great way to check assumptions with reality, refine product and messaging, and spot potential weaknesses in the trial flow or product altogether.

Influencer product testing primes evangelists

Product testing has the benefit of helping a vendor refine messaging and or product, and prime the influencer pump from hand selected audience which closely matches their perceived target market. The testers can potentially be an evangelist of the solution, as well as better content producers for asset creation and influencer blogging above.

Our influencer product testing process

Fixate leverages its network of deeply technical authors to give real world testing and feedback of vendor products. Using the Fixate methodology the testing includes intro and outro surveys, real product testing, feedback, and analysis from Fixate analyst. Testers are selected from the fixate network based on persona, and technical requirements.


The influencer product testing is charged by project and by result. Average costs are $5,000 project fee plus $450 per completed result delivered by each tester.