practioner content

Increase your content marketing ROI. Get persuasive, practitioner-authored content at a higher volume than you can produce yourself and better quality than our competitors.

Practitioner blogging

Content marketing, and blogs are one of the most popular tools to drive website traffic, drive conversations, and build credibility. In today's market blogs are not effective if the content is only about the company or the product. To reach a larger audience blogs need content that is credible, and provides value to any reader who matches their target audience.

We recruit and manage practitioner communities

Fixate recruits and manages networks of deeply technical practitioners to author relevant and timely content targeted at their peers. Because the practitioners write about their real-world skills they bring outsider credibility, and provide value to readers that goes beyond what the vendor who publish the content offerings.

Our content production process

Fixate starts each month by suggesting topics that have come from our network and works with the customers at the beginning to approve them. Once topics are selected, Fixate assigns appropriate contributors and produces the content through our Fixate content engine, Re:EACH. Blogs are authored, and because the content is representative of the authors edits are limited to wording and keywords only. Approved content is owned by the vendor and typically published on their blog. Content which is approved by Fixate but un-approved by the vendor is published on This happens about once every two months.


Practitioner blogging is charged for on monthly basis, based on volume and time commitment.