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Lead Generation Let’s Talk About: Leads and Needs

So, yes. Leads are one of the most important aspects of what we do here at MediaOps, and what our clients need to succeed. But let me ask you this: What qualifies as a proper lead? If you have the same person registered on more than one of your webinars/ content/ events, etc. is that a dupe? Or is that an AMAZING lead that loves you and wants to know more? Yes, it seems to be an issue.

In my opinion, if you have someone who follows your programs, and is in fact more than just a student in India, this is a qualified lead. Send to sales. Try it. See what happens. Just a thought!

As I tell clients and I swear by this: It is better to have more qualified leads than quantity if you want to sell product and services. Period. We have MANY clients who get 200+ registrations and then have more than 25% in their sales funnels and then closed. THAT IS MARKETING.

So think about your objectives. If your sales teams just want names, we can do this. But what will be the backlash for you? Hum. Food for thought, right!

Happy Marketing!