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Content Marketing How We Use UberConference to Build Better Content

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Alexa Nenni

June 29, 2017

UberConference is a cloud-based conferencing system from Dialpad. We use UberConference to streamline how we manage our contributors, and ensure we have top-notch content with the help of two key features: call recording, and a toll-free international dial-in number.

UberConference meets our content and streamlining requirements, and includes some additional features that have made the tool invaluable to us. Below are more details about how we use UberConference to build better content.

How We Use UberConference

With Our Customers

If you have ever tried to produce content based on notes that were captured during a call, it’s difficult. Our business is based on content quality, and it’s important that we record all of our content calls.

Why? The first part of guaranteeing quality is delivering what the customer asks for. Sometimes the content author is not on the call. He or she needs all the nuances that help make up a project, and these come out during the calls. Often, we need to refer back to details to make sure that the resulting first draft meets the customer’s expectations.

We insist that all content calls be recorded. The recordings have been a time-saving tool to ensure overall quality.

With Our Contributors

We have monthly calls with contributors. Even if the calls are short, it’s important to keep contributors up-to-date, and respond to any questions. It keeps them engaged and keeps the process moving smoothly.

Now that our contributor network exceeds 65 people, our calls are especially critical. Once a call is over, we post the recording to Slack immediately, pin it to a channel, and ask all our contributors to listen.

Other UberConference Features

In addition to the two key features we needed, UberConference has a few others that benefit us:

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a plus. This allows for clear, understandable conversations, which is particularly important when working from a recording.
  • UberConference’s screensharing turns out to be comparable with Google Hangouts and the like for simple sharing.
  • Integration with Salesforce is useful, and we hope it becomes more robust. The data offered in Salesforce is somewhat limited today.
  • Another benefit is the ability to see caller names on calls. Callers see an avatar of the other participants in their mobile browser or from their desktop. This makes it more personal, and gives us an opportunity to put a face with a name, without video conferencing.
  • It is not a video conferencing system, though when used in conjunction with Google Hangouts live video, conferencing is available.

Recording Your Call

We keep our calls to only 30 minutes. This forces our calls to focus on details right away, which means we have to be focused and prepared. After we record, we always copy the files to Dropbox so we can go back over what was said in the call if needed. This has been very convenient. (UberConference—If you are reading this, a direct-to-Dropbox feature would be great!)

International Numbers

We have customers and contributors worldwide, so a teleconferencing tool with international phone numbers was also important to us.

Beware Hold Music

Hear it twice—you smirk. But hear it three times (or more), and you fear you’ll lose your mind. We always get on the call before our customers or contributors so they do not need to feel the pain! (But it certainly inspires good behavior on our part!)

In Conclusion

UberConference is a cloud-based conferencing system from Dialpad. We chose it for two crucial features: call recording and global phone service. UberConference helps us keep in contact with our clients and contributors overseas, and allows us to record our calls to make sure we capture every necessary detail for our clients, who require content full of specifics. UberConference also offers integration with Salesforce. Together, all this helps us accomplish our business goals.