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Using Re:each for Practitioner Content Marketing

November 14, 2017 - Practitioner Marketing - ,
By: Turner Sblendorio

Here at Fixate.io, our goal is to provide our customers with specialized, reliable, and practical content that will attract customers with domain expertise. Scientific and technical audiences have no tolerance for bunk, so most traditional marketing practices must be thrown out the window. Client-generated content is often dismissed as biased. With the practitioner content we provide, our clients show their audiences that they understand the modern challenges of the technical world.

In collaborating with our clients, we captivate  audiences and establish our clients as industry leaders. Fixate.io guides clients to the pinnacle of thought leadership using an established methodology. We use our expertise with analytics to do a determination of share of voice in the conversations our clients should dominate. From there, we have a roadmap that takes them from topics to finished blog post or asset. We produce the hard-hitting, practitioner-generated content that resonates with our clients’ tribes.

Workflow: Our Process

Our process can only satisfy a practitioner content marketing strategy if it is delivered in a timely fashion. Content marketing requires both quality and quantity. We know, based on our experience, that in most cases, a two-blog-post-per-week minimum is required to generate traffic increase, and nudge share of voice (SOV). This means we take providing our clients with a content runway on time very seriously.

Our approach combines our expertise in managing a contributor network of practitioners, curated, quality content production, and domain expertise. On the management side, we use Re:each, a tool that provides our clients with topics generated by a practitioner-supervised algorithm. With it comes a deadline for approval.

What if customers are too busy to suggest or approve topics themselves? No problem! Once the manual approval window is exceeded, Re:each topics are automatically finalized, and topics are assigned to our practitioner network at the beginning of each month, so that content is created for end-of-month delivery.

With the input and supervision of our team and practitioners (i.e., subject matter experts), we have the ability to provide clients with the most significant topics for their markets. We sit down with clients and discuss our SOV analysis for the conversations relevant to their markets. We then have a collaborative discussion on what subjects to address. When we combine our customer conversations with our practitioners’ expertise, our data collection, and our editor’s expertise, we can use Re:each to effectively keep our content generation process running smoothly, preventing topic selection from becoming a bottleneck.

How does this work in practice? For example, if DockerCon is coming up, we may suggest it’s time to push the benefits of containerization. As another example, given that Kubernetes/Linux is trending, a focus on scaling matters. And when it is time for Molecular Med Tri-Con, we might propose a piece on how to streamline a biodiagnostics development workflow using bioinformatics to identify disease biomarkers.

The takeaway

Thanks to our practitioner network, SOV algorithms, and Re:each, Fixate can select topics that resonate with our clients’ technical audiences, and provide a smooth process that includes a timely thought leadership content runway, with the feel of customer-focused grassroots topic generation—that is data-backed, practitioner created, and expert-vetted.


Turner is a Growth Hacker at Fixate.io

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