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Practitioner Marketing Writing a Press Release: How to Get Reporters to Notice Your Tech Business

Getting your tech business noticed by reporters is hard. Making sure your press releases are tailored to reporters’ needs can help build your audience and get eyeballs on your business.

Press releases are an important part of any company’s media strategy. Press releases are official statements, usually written announcements, that provide information about a new event, circumstance or concern.

Press releases cover the “five Ws and an H” that are the building blocks of any news article: who, what, when, where, why and how. The most important are why and how—Why did something happen, and how did circumstances lead it to happen?

When should you write a press release?

Whenever you have something newsworthy.

There are many factors that could make an event newsworthy, but the following list covers some of the most common.

  1. Timeliness – Reporters need to know what’s happening right now. If your product isn’t releasing for another year, or even another month, it won’t be as relevant as the week it’s releasing. If your VC funding came in a month ago, reporters won’t be as inclined to write about it compared to the day or week you received the notice.
  2. Impact – How many people are affected? How many industries are affected by an event? What is the impact on the everyday person? How could XYZ event affect middle class residents’ pocketbooks? Focus on the biggest impact of your announcement and convince the reporter that readers should care about it.
  3. Proximity – Is there a regional tie-in that you can use? Many newspapers are focused on geographical proximity of companies when deciding which announcements to cover. Does your business fit into one of their coverage areas?
  4. Prominence/Celebrity – If your announcement includes a celebrity, politician, big-name tech VC or anyone else who is famous, name-drop them in the first sentence of your press release.
  5. Human Interest – This goes back to the importance of storytelling, but basically your announcement should have some sort of tie-in with everyday people. Always consider this question: Why should reporters’ readers care? Is your business run by people with really fascinating but heartbreaking backstories? Is your product going to help people in need? Is your company giving money to local schools?
  6. Weirdness – Thanks to the Internet, the stranger the incident, the better the readership. If your announcement contains something inherently bizarre, make that the focus.
  7. Conflict – Stories with conflict get read more often, so they get more prominent placement. If your company is facing some sort of battle, highlight it in your press releases for more focused coverage.

The takeaway

Now you know the seven elements that make announcements newsworthy. Start writing excellent press releases in 2018, and get your tech business in the news.