we execute your content strategy*create a meaningful voice *through credible technical content

- Content & Influencer Marketing for Techies -

what we do

The modern IT, and software development ("DevOps") market is fragmented.

We help you create a meaningful voice via community curated technical content.


  • Product Testing
  • Refine Messaging
  • Influencer Priming
  • Improve Content
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  • User Created Documentation
  • Documentation Update Services
  • Use Case Strategy
  • Preempt Complaints
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why us?

Content marketing for tech requires technical knowledge that most product marketing departments do not have. By working with Fixate, you gain access to peer-reviewed tech influencer-authored content and unattributed assets created by our influencer community for your product or brand.


Fixate IO
2324 Second Street,
Livermore, CA 94550

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who we are

  • Yolanda Fintschenko

    Co-Founder / Director of Marketing
  • Alexa Nenni

    Program Manager
  • Christopher Tozzi

    Senior Editor & DevOps Analyst
  • Patrick O’Fallon

    Co-founder / Director of R&D
  • Brad Oliver

    Sr. Product Manager
  • Chris Riley

    Founder and Principal Analyst
  • Turner Sblendorio

    Growth Hacker
  • Twain Taylor

    Sr. Wordsmith
  • Kammy Wood

    Content Quality Manager
  • Influencer Community

    An Army of Practitioners