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what we do

The modern IT, and software development ("DevOps") market is fragmented.

We help you create a meaningful voice via community curated technical content.
<h3><b>Market Pulse</b></h3>

Market Pulse

Before you can conquer a market, you need to know the landscape. Market Pulse is a strategy component that analyzes the critical elements you need to know before you jump in.

<h3><b>Persona Development</b></h3>

Persona Development

You can't know your target enough. What makes them tick? Where do they hang out? What do they care about? Persona Development provides a profile of your target personas to guide your social media and community activity strategies.

<h3><b>Competitive Analysis</b></h3>

Competitive Analysis

Every product needs a roadmap. Competitive Analysis and Product Teardowns allow your team to tailor conversations to strengths and weaknesses.

<h3><b>Content Plan</b></h3>

Content Plan

A comprehensive list of compelling topics and conversations created specifically for your target market. And with those topics in hand, we will curate your content, execute your blogs, write your white papers, build your case studies and create your onesheets.

<h3><b>ISR/SE Playbook</b></h3>

ISR/SE Playbook

Take all you’ve learned and empower your sales team with scripts for selling to your market,
overcoming objections and conveying compelling value propositions.



Our community of techies helps activate a peer-to-peer recommendation faucet. The community works together to curate and publish relevant and timely content. This brings credibility to your brand that cannot be achieved with insiders.


  • Blog Creation
  • Fixate Content Engine
  • Tech Evangelism
  • Topic Selection
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    Alexa Douglas

    Program Manager
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    Christopher Tozzi

    Senior Editor & DevOps Analyst
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    Laurie Hindes

    Content Strategy and Growth
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    Director of R&D
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    Director of Marketing
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    Sr. Product Manager
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    Principle Analyst
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    Sr. Wordsmith
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    Content Quality Manager
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