A Proven Approach

What We Do

Getting product marketing messages to techies requires a unique approach. We understand what it takes to reach and gain credibility with IT and security practitioners, software developers, DevOps engineers, and data scientists.

We help you create a meaningful voice and increase your share of conversation among audiences where your product marketing can have the most impact. We do this with practitioner-created technical content focused on your market.

Explore and Discover

In a 30-minute conversation with a content strategist, sketch a plan that complements your technical product marketing initiatives. You will receive samples and pricing following that conversation.

Compelling Content

Written by engineers and techies - practitioners passionate about sharing viable, expertise-backed information with their peers ... your target audience.

Targeted Product Marketing Assets

White papers, eBooks, product tutorials, case studies. Typically written for your middle-of-the-funnel audience. Perfect for lead generation. Visit our portfolio.

From the Blog

Practitioner Content Marketing — a specialized version of content marketing that leverages the expertise, influence, and credibility of practitioners within a specific field or industry. In Fixate's case, that's the field of DevOps in the technology industry.


Are you interested in DevOps practitioner content marketing that will resonate with your target market within the technology industry? You can schedule a meeting here and receive content samples and pricing. OR, fill out this form to get more information about Fixate’s process for creating technical content written by DevOps practitioners, engineers and experts.