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what we do

The modern IT, software development, security operations, bioIT, bioinformatics and big data markets are fragmented.

We help you create a meaningful voice via community curated technical content focused on your market.


  • Product Testing
  • Refine Messaging
  • Practitioner Priming
  • Improve Content
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  • User Created Documentation
  • Documentation Update Services
  • Use Case Strategy
  • Preempt Complaints
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media site

Fixate IO curated, practitioner written. All tech, no fluff.

Creating a meaningful voice is our business with our customers, and our passion within our community.

Sweetcode is a site owned and managed by Fixate IO. Its purpose is simple—to give techies a place to share what they know, and impact the market with higher-value blog content.

why us?

Content marketing for tech requires technical knowledge that most product marketing departments do not have. By working with Fixate, you gain access to peer-reviewed tech practitioner-authored content and unattributed assets created by our practitioner community for your product or brand.


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